Thanks for your response. Attracting diverse groups of students to computing is a wildly complex problem, and requires much more than just offering a required course. If you haven’t read it already, I recommend Jane Margolis’s Stuck in the Shallow End. It walks through the nuances of why adolescents don’t choose computing, and even when they’re required to, why they’re disinterested in it.

Moreover, the concise introductions to coding and computing really don’t exist at scale. Google completed a survey last year that showed that at least in the United States, only 60% of schools offer a CS class, that it’s generally not viewed as a priority, and there’s almost no money for CS teachers. Until we solve those fundamental problems, most won’t even have a shallow introduction, let alone a deep one.

Professor of programming + learning + design + justice at the University of Washington Information School. Trans; she/her. #BlackLivesMatter.

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