That’s wonderful to hear that you’re so independent and self-reliant. Those are certainly great qualities if someone has the resources they need to achieve them. In my case, unfortunately, no matter how hard I worked, and how hard my teachers worked, they still oppressed me unknowingly. Applying gender stereotypes to me without knowing they were making me hate myself, and without me realizing it was happening. All I knew for 30 years was that I was a piece of garbage. It took a long time to realize that I didn’t feel like a piece of garbage because I was a piece of garbage, or because people told me I was, but because society didn’t give me the freedom to be who I was: a woman. Oppression is not always from a person; sometimes its from an entire culture.

Professor of programming + learning + design + justice at the University of Washington Information School. Trans; she/her. #BlackLivesMatter.

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